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Living out the Christian life authentically requires daily submitting the pieces of our broken life to God, the Ultimate Artist, allowing him to craft them into a beautiful mosaic masterpiece that can be used for His glory. It's a moment by moment journey of releasing fear & control, living intentionally, and embracing the freedom of Christ.

Change Is All About Perspective

She takes my hand, walks me up the stairs, and leads me through the halls of the elementary school that will become her daily educational home in just a few short days.

school perspective change


It’s Open House night and although to most kindergarteners, everything is new, she walks confidently after spending four weeks in a summer program housed within these walls.

All the sudden I am grateful for those four weeks and for how comfortable she is in a new place with new people all around. 

We arrive at the kindergarten hall and find her classroom. Her teacher is new. Not new to teaching or to kindergarten, thankfully, but new to the school. A swarm of last minute kindergarten enrollments sent the classroom size soaring over 23+ and the school scrambled to hire another teacher to add another classroom of kids.

We’re right on time and Ms. Nettles greets us warmly.

She is short in stature but big in personality and I can tell already it’s going to be a good year. She’s attentive and kind and, while a bit overwhelmed at the whirlwind she’s been placed in, she seems completely capable of jumping right in and readying the classroom for the kids to arrive next week.

I do my parent-ly duty, sitting in the tiny blue chair at the tiny table, filling out form upon form upon form, picking up car rider tags, talking to cafeteria ladies about nut allergies and the nut-free table, meeting with the nurse about medications, and sending my husband to collect information about the PTA and various school clubs.

After the whirlwind of papers subsides and we make it back to the minivan, I take a breath.

This is really happening. My little one is really a big girl and is going to school. It’s year one of many years of education with other adults who I pray care about her development just a fraction as much as I do.

And I realize. Change, well it’s not only coming…it’s here!

And just as I’ve been learning in other areas of my life, it’s my PERSPECTIVE that makes the difference as to how we handle the changes that come into our lives.

change and perspective

What things in your life do you need to look at differently?

Maybe you need to be reminded of God’s promises in your life. Or maybe you just need a friend to talk to to gain some perspective on your situation. Whatever it is, I challenge you today to take some time to change the way you looks at things.

You never know, the things you look at…well, they might just CHANGE!

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No Such Thing As “Just A Mom”

Maybe you’ve heard it before. You’re “just a mom,” so what big impact can you make on the world?

Doing laundry, picking up toys, wiping noses, washing dishes, trekking to the playground, bathing kids, picking up toys (again)…how is that making a difference?

I’m here to tell you…there’s no such thing as “just a mom.”

no such thing as just a mom

Especially when you don’t have one.

Meet Hannah.

She’s the cutie in the middle with the huge grin on her face. (name changed to protect privacy) She doesn’t have a mom.

Neither do the 25 other kids standing with her and most of the 250 other kids living in her community in South Africa.

orphan south african


Here’s the thing.

Instead of a mom, she has caregivers. And those caregivers do the absolute best they can do take care of her and her friends.

But as a mom, have you ever had a day where you just needed some HELP?

You’re not “just a mom” because taking care of littles is HARD. WORK. people! And a lot of the time, we need help. It’s no small job to take care of another person’s physical needs and to be responsible for their emotional and spiritual development too.

Your daily investment into their little lives makes a difference today and for eternity.

What about Hannah?

And those who are functioning as “mom” and are investing into her life? Well, they could use some help too.

caregivers in South Africa

It’s been said, “it takes a village to raise a child.” In this little community in South Africa, this is so true!

And guess what? Our little community here online? We can help!

Already, members of Lisa-Jo Baker’s blog community have contributed enough money to build a watering station/laundry facility, vegetable garden, and playground to this community in South Africa they’ve adopted. I’m one of them!

lisa jo baker community

Lisa-Jo Baker and her dad sharing hope orphaned & vulnerable children in the Maubane community in South Africa

And now, members of our community here at The Mosaic Life (that’s YOU!)…well, we’re going to join them!

Here’s your opportunity to join in:

Watering Stationfully funded & built

Vegetable Gardenfully funded & producing veggies

Playground - fully funded & plans prepared

Community Center (admin portion) – $28,474 of $40,000 raised

Maybe $11,526 more to raise seems like a big number to you…but do you remember the “it takes a village to raise a child” concept? It’s true with life-changing generosity too.

UPDATE: In less than 24 hours, Lisa-Jo’s community has raised almost $4,ooo. That’s 160 “just a mom”s giving $25 each as part of this ‘village’. 


Here’s my challenge to our community.

Right now, it would take 308 people giving $25 each to raise the remainder of the funds needed for the community center.

Wondering what your $25 will provide to this community? Check out these details:

By starting by constructing the admin building, the Maubane community of 400 will have access to:

A base of operations - for the 20-30 volunteers who serve the weekly church meetings that currently take place under an open air shelter that was donated by a local church in Pretoria. What started as 15 kids has now grown to 250-300 children and 100 adults every Sunday for the last three years.

Hygienic Food Preparation – every second Sunday the volunteer group, Take Action, provides food and drinks to the community. But no running water, no kitchen, no bathrooms make it challenging to serve such a large group of people.

Sanitation – this portion of the community center will include male and female restrooms (5 stalls each).

Facilities for the caretaker – who will farm the vegetable garden and provide security and maintenance for the community center site.

Conference Room – for launching economic empowerment with training classes in job skills, early childhood development and HIV/AIDS training for the community.

Safe storage for all the tables, chairs and equipment that serves the church and is currently stored in Pastor Norman’s house.

So are you with me?

ONLY 308 PEOPLE GIVING $25 EACH = $7,700


Remember, you’re not “just a mom” and your actions, whether you perceive them as “big” or “small,” make an incredible impact on the world.


(Or more if you’d like) 

After you give, come back here and connect with others in our community in the comments or on Twitter or Facebook!

This post is part of Five Minute Friday. Today’s writing prompt was “Tell”. How can you use your words and actions today to tell the story of Jesus’ generosity in our lives?

Thank you for being a part of this community as we change our perspective to viewing the broken pieces of our lives as material for God’s masterpiece. Do you have a friend who isn’t “just a mom” either? Share this post and let’s build a community center together, one offering of $25 at a time!

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