embracing the mosaic life – art {life} in progress

Welcome friends! Living out the Christian life authentically requires daily submitting the pieces of our life to God, the Ultimate Artist, allowing him to craft us into a beautiful mosaic masterpiece that can be used for His glory. It's a moment by moment journey of living with purpose, releasing fear & control, and embracing the freedom of Christ. Learn more about me and The Mosaic Life community and join us as we seek to submit our art {our lives} to Him.

Doubt, Control and Rest

Real Life and Rest

Have you ever wondered if God is real? To some “good church-going Christians,” the thought of even asking that question may send them into a panic. But while we may never verbally express this type of doubt, sometimes the way we live our lives is evidence of our struggle in this faith journey. I’ll share […]

My Plan or God’s Plan?


I’m a planner by nature. I like order, lists, and knowing what’s going to happen. My Myers-Briggs personality type is ISTJ. If you look that up, you’ll see words like: organized methodical logical fact-based Despite a crazy schedule and a house full of energetic kids, my notepads for list making, a variety of productivity iphone […]

Finding God in the Seeking {Worship Wednesday}

Finding God in the Seeking

Are there days you question everything? Well, maybe not everything, but do you question whether or not you have any idea what you’re doing at this thing called life? Oh wait, maybe that IS questioning everything… Well, that’s me sometimes. So many questions swirl around in my head. At times the doubts become a tornado of thoughts […]

Parenting With Purpose: Best Podcasts for Christian Moms

Best Podcasts for Christian Moms

  It’s evening and the house is quiet. I’m snuggled up on the couch with my oldest under the blanket at my feet and my youngest curled up in a ball on my chest. We’re watching The Pioneer Woman on Netflix make homemade everything with dashes of this, handfuls of that, and of course she “eyeballs” the […]

Welcome to the World, Baby Haven

Haven and Mommy

It’s 1:00 am and the words to the familiar Christmas tune ring quietly in my ears: Silent night, holy night All is calm, all is bright Round yon virgin, mother and child Holy infant, so tender and mild Sleep in heavenly peace. Sleep in heavenly peace. Mothers and fathers everywhere around the world teach their […]

Ultimate Guide to Christmas Gifts That Make A Difference

The Ultimate Guide to Christmas Gifts That Make a Difference and Give Back

It’s Thanksgiving and families everywhere are gathered on couches, huddled around the Black Friday ads, planning their shopping strategy for the biggest shopping day of the year. Last year a record 92 million people shopped on Black Friday, with each person spending an average of $407.23 for a total of $57.4 billion spent in one […]

Marriage Reflection & Renewal: An Annual Commitment

Renewal and Reflection

It’s a Monday and in a normal week I’d be settled in at my desk by now, working on payroll, grant reports, or calling for a quote to fix whatever problem has cropped up with our office building that week. Instead, I just hopped out of a shower with endless hot water and no interruptions […]

Leaving a Legacy of Living in the Light: A Remembrance

Leaving a Legacy of Living in the Light

Yesterday was a gorgeous fall day, the kind you wish would duplicate itself over and over. Chuck and I parked our van in the field as directed and stepped out into the cool air, air crisp and clean that filled our lungs with life. Blue skies painted with streaks of white clouds hovered over the stalwart trees at […]