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Welcome, friend! The Christian life as a woman is truly a journey of exploration and faith. One of ups and downs. Twists and turns. But always grace-filled. I hope by spending some time here, you’ll also grow and explore the mysteries of life and love as a child of the King.


Fellow faith journeyer, discovering new-found freedom in Christ.
Intentional wife and momma.
Pursuing purposeful Christian living in the little things of life (and the big ones too!).

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I have a clear vision of my 16 year old self driving away from summer bible camp with my younger sister, the two of us reflecting on the powerful week we had just experienced. And yet, we struggled. Our conversation wandered, but eventually we settled into confusion – why did we know every fact and figure about God, but lacked a basic understanding how to know God?

College brought more questions instead of answers – religion and rules, not relationship. A year into college, I met my husband and we launched into ministry together. After we married three years later, we spent precious years of sharing our hearts with other young adults and teens. And yet, my heart did not yet understand the freedom in and blessings of a true relationship with Jesus.

Instead of opening my heart to the One who holds the keys to an authentic and whole life, I lived in fear.

Fear of doing the wrong thing. Fear of not measuring up. Of not being or doing enough. And that crippling fear led to a desire to control my environment. Which of course is not possible. Not. Possible.

Cue the music to the most challenging year of my life. God allowed the walls of my self-security to come crumbling down around me. And we were in need. And God provided, just like he promises. We pursued Him like never before, passionately and with focused purpose and desire. And slowly but surely, my heart was changed.

And so, by God’s grace, I’m now recovering from that perfectionist, controlling nature. I’m learning to rest in the promises that he cares for me. That he knows what I need. (Yes, even the little things.) And he will continue to provide.

What I’m learning is that it’s my job to seek Him with all my heart.
And I will find him. {I AM finding him!}
And the peace my heart longs for.

It isn’t easy. But is anything worth doing easy?

This blog is an outpouring of my heart and my desire to share the journey of pursuing purposeful Christian living. Not as a checklist of rules and ‘to do’s. But instead, as an overflow of our hearts drawing nearer to the only One who can fill us and prepare us for the works he has for us to do in this world to shine His light.

Dear friend, won’t you join me? It’s a journey you won’t regret. One we can travel together.

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family photo


The incredible husband who has intrigued me since the moment I met him and continues to make our life an adventure. He shines Jesus like none other. Pastor & life coach at Sage Garden Care Center.

Chuck Taylor, Pastor & Life Coach


Our spunky fire-cracker of a first born. Whose name means “peace” (no one told her…). She pretends to be shy and might have you fooled for a minute. Loves running from the tickle monster, pretending she is a doctor-firefighter-nurse-chef, collecting ‘treasures’ and snuggling.

C & S


Our sweet little man. Whose name means “son of laughter”. He’s our chill kid and is more like his mommy than his name suggests. Loves wearing hats, toting around toys in a red wagon, reading about trains, and eating. We’ve nicknamed him ‘the goat’.

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